Gaerstones Dropped but Snatchfield Still at Risk

On Friday 10th July, Shropshire Council finally published its pre-submission Draft Local Plan.

The Gaerstones site (CST020) has been dropped from the Plan but the Snatchfield site (CST021) remains.

The Local Plan will be discussed at Shropshire Councils's  Cabinet meeting on Monday 20th July, and if ratified the Plan will then be subject to an 8 week public consultation before being put before a Planning Inspector for approval.

The Save Snatchfield Group are still firmly of the opinion that Shropshire Council, in their drive for housing numbers and their view that Chuch Stretton is an "urban-focused" market town, have failed to take proper account or undertake the necessary assessments of the impact the site would have upon the AONB, pedestrian safety,  flood risk,  bio-diversity and many other issues. 

So our fight to save this landscape continues and  to this end we have submitted the following questions to be answered by Cllr. Robert Macey, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Strategic Planning, at the "virtual"  Cabinet meeting.  We will keep you informed regarding the answers to these questions:





Question 2

I believe that during the initial, informal, stage of the consultation process held between 29th November 2018 - 31st January 2019, 272 written objections were made to the planning department regarding the proposals to allow development on the Snatchfield site CST021.  However, only 62 responses appear to have been taken into account for the statistical analysis.  Could I ask what people will need to do in order to ensure that their views are properly accounted for and fully taken into consideration now that the process is being formalised?

Question 1

Please place on record and detail the grounds and evidence for claiming “exceptional circumstances” as a justification for including “major development” within The Shropshire Hills AONB at site CST021 in the Shropshire Local Plan Pre Submission Draft document

Question 3

In respect of site CST021 many technical assessment are mentioned in the pre-submission Draft Local Plan and are crucial to support the evaluation of the site’s viability and deliverability.


Such assessments are also required by the NPPF Para 172 for evaluating Major Developments in protected areas such as CST021.


For CST021 please indicate which of the following have been carried out:

  • a Transport Assessment

  • the definition of appropriate vehicular access,

  • a botanical survey

  • a definition of appropriate buffering for both the Jack Mytton Way and the mature trees on (or in the proximity to) the site

  • a Heritage Assessment


If these have not been carried out, can it be confirmed that they will be carried carried out and be available for scrutiny before the Planning Inspector reaches his/her decision upon sites within the AONB.

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