Why this Important Omission?

Shropshire Council have "owned up" that they have omitted important Sustainability Objectives from the appraisals of both the Gaerstone and Snatchfield Meadow sites -  without providing an explanation.


Shropshire Council’s document “Preferred Sites Sustainability Appraisal Report November 2018”  contains the following Sustainability Objectives:


  • SO5 Encourage the use of sustainable means of transport.


  • SO6 Reduce the need of people to travel by car.


And should have included a consideration of Shropshire Council's own criteria for:


  • “Regular peak time public transport service within 480m of site boundary.”


Had they carried out these assessments  both sites would not scored negatively!


Obviously, car use will increases if people live too far from a bus stop, and so Criteria 6 (above), which is about sustainable transport and reducing the need for car travel  is not a minor consideration, it is essential.


Reducing car usage and encouraging sustainable transport are very important contributors in reducing or stopping climate change, and it is very difficult to understand why Shropshire Council have omitted these from the Church Stretton sites.