Your Royal Highness,


I am writing to you for possible assistance in the saving of a a mediaeval meadow on Snatchfields Farm in Church Stretton , Shropshire SY6.


The council have proposed going ahead with a 70 property development on the flank of Ragleth Hill which has never been used other than pastoral and leisure activities . Church Stretton is a quaint town lying in the Shropshire area of outstanding natural beauty sitting in a valley between pre-Cambrian sedimentary rocks of the Longmynd and equally ancient Volcanic Rocks on the other side of this popular valley . The site in question is a marshy area that soaks up precipitation run off water from Ragleth Hill  which in turn prevents flooding problems on housing and communication routes further below . This meadow is important to me and other locals as an area  visited and enjoyed since childhood  . Local wages are below the National average so housing built on this site is unlikely to be within range of local people who are being priced out of the market here . The Snatchfields Farm has been sold in parts for development and it is the local point of view that saturation point has been reached .


I believe that you have encouraged a local meadow initiative for communities to adopt a local meadow for posterity , is this example a candidate for such a scheme .


Can you help us please ? 

Thank you 

I am Sir , your obedient servant 


Paul P……..