Snatchfield Campaign Newsletter no. 1

*The Snatchfield Campaign                 

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The Snatchfield Campaign

As you will probably be aware, many posters and flyers have been spotted around the neighbourhood. In addition, all households within the Snatchfield area, to include both the Chelmick and Hazler side have been (or will very short be) visited.  We have been very encouraged by the reaction on the doorstep and know that there is virtually unanimous opposition from residents to these highly damaging proposals.


Dates for Your Diary!!

There will be public meeting held by Shropshire Council to discuss the proposals to develop on both the Gaerstone  and Snatchfield landscape. This meeting will take place at the Parish Centre on Wednesday January 16th 7 p.m. Please encourage as many people as possible to attend this event. We need to show Shropshire Council the depth and extent of our feelings towards their desire for major development on  the beautiful AONB landscape of Church Stretton.


And if you're really feeling the need to protest your opposition,  also come along to the Church Stretton Town Council meeting which will be held the previous evening January 15th 7 p.m. at the Silvester Horne Institute.


Do your bit…... 1

Please inform as many people as you can about our campaign to save this historic Meadow. Email them the link to our website  and get them to subscribe (as you have done) and ask them support our campaign with a letter to Shropshire Council (remember there are sample letters and template letters are on our website which they can download).


Meeting with Philip Dunne MP

On Friday 4th January a representative from the Save Snatchfield Group met with Phillip Dunne at his surgery in Ludlow.  It was a very useful meeting and our MP has agreed to write to Shropshire Council to raise the following issues:


1/  our concerns about the planning and stage assessments (process and policy) whereby only sites greater than 0.5 hectares will be progressed. It was pointed out to him that the application of this policy in Church Stretton has meant that many existing Brownfield site have been overlooked. He has agreed to seek clarification from Shropshire Council  as to why this policy is in place.


2/ Ask how Church Stretton’s “windfall” housing numbers referenced in the Local Plan Document (which total 21 for the entirety of the Plan) have been calculated, as they do not seem to really reflect the numbers that are likely to be built by 2036


3/ Whether this “Partial Plan Review” is so substantive (as it greatly increases the overall housing numbers in Shropshire, changes development boundaries and extends the plan period by 10  years) that it should/will be submitted to HM Government Planning Inspectorate.

As soon as I get response from our MP I will post it onto the website and send through an email.


Do your bit.....2

Did you know that anyone can  take part in Shropshire Council’s consultation - so all of your friends and family, who also  cherish this beautiful landscape, can make their voices heard. Please encourage them to take part in this consultation.


Letter to Prince Charles!

If you haven't already seen it, please take a look on our website  It's a heartfelt plea from a born-and-bred local who played in the Snatchfield Meadow as a boy. And on the subject of letter writing we also understand that a letter has winged its way to Michael Gove the Secretary of State for the environment.  We don't need you to write to Prince Charles or Michael Gove ( although that would be lovely!) but it is really important that you write your letters of opposition to Shropshire Council to reach them before 31st of January 2019


What's in a name?

Did you know that Snatchfield is one of the three original mediaeval fields of Church Stretton and is now  the only surviving ancient working landscape in the town. It was originally called Knatts Field (I'm presuming that Knatts is some reference to Gnats that even today are plentiful over the boggy ground, providing a rich source of food for our aerial wildlife).  Incidentally, if anybody has any other interesting information about Snatchfield please email us at

More updates will follow........