Context to Suggested Objection 10 –

Planning Applications to build at Snatchfield Farm have been refused 7 times in the period since 1974.

A 1985 Planning Application (22 dwellings) refusal was appealed and considered by a Planning Inspector in 1986.

The Planning Inspector’s conclusions, in dismissing the Appeal, are still relevant today.

“Development would lead to a significant change in the balance between housing and open space resulting in an extensive suburban area out of keeping with the hilly, rural setting of the village”

• “Development would be detrimental to the landscape quality of the Area of Outstanding National Beauty”

• “Development of the appeal site would spoil this part of the setting of Church Stretton and dominate and spoil the appearance of the very attractive valley”

In the currently active Local Plan Snatchfield was proposed as a Preferred Site. Following a consultation exercise, Shropshire Council decided (2014) to delete Snatchfield from their proposals. In Shropshire Council’s own words –

“The impact on the local highway network is significant and the allocation of the site for housing does not have community support”