Context to Suggested Objection 5


Context to Suggested Objection


Site CSTRO14 “Land adjacent to the School” was allocated under 'SAMDev' to provide replacement sports facilities to allow for development on the school playing fields (CSTRO18). It is understood that CSTRO18 has proved not to be viable for development and has been deallocated from the SAMDev. Consequently, CSTRO14 is no longer required for replacement school facilities and could be used for housing development. CSTR014 is of a similar size to CST021.


CSTR014 is a deliverable site with low landscape sensitivity and which has significantly less impact on the Shropshire Hills AONB than CST021.


CSTRO14 was reviewed for housing development during the 'SAMDev process' and, in Shropshire Council's 'SAMDev Housing Site Assessment', performed better in every respect than Snatchfield:


  • It is within easy walking distance of a bus stop with a regular service, the schools, sport and recreational facilities, the town centre and the main employment area;

  • It lies behind Church Stretton secondary school adjacent an existing site to the south which is an exception site for 76 affordable dwellings and which could provide access in addition to the metalled track between the school and the playing fields.

  • It is not within a Special Area of Conservation, a Special Protection Area, a Ramsar Site, a SSSI or a National/Local Nature Reserve or Wildlife Site;

  • It is not within any Ancient Woodland and is not a Regionally Important Geological Site;

  • The site was previously promoted, with no legal or ownership constraints;

  • Part of site along eastern boundary is in Flood Zone 3 but remainder of site considered viable for development.


Responses to Shropshire Council's previous 'SAMDev' consultation indicated that the community were in favour of this site for housing, although clearly this has not been tested since then.