Context to Suggested Objection 1


Shropshire Council's Fully Objective Assessed Housing Need (FOAHN) used to allocate housing numbers to Shropshire Communities is not derived from any evidence based ‘bottom up’ approach. Shropshire Council has not taken into account ANY assessment of actual housing need in our Church Stretton community. Instead, Shropshire Council pursue a ‘top down’ allocation approach, where all but the smallest communities must ‘take their share’.


Shropshire Council believe Church Stretton should have an allocation of 200 new homes in the period to 2038. There is NO evidence that these housing numbers are needed for the local community. The Shropshire Council numbers are below –


  • Completed/Already with Planning Permission = 79


  • Local Plan Preferred Site Allocation (Snatchfield) = 70


  • Windfall (Shropshire Council assumed number) = 51


  • Total = 200



In addition, the housing numbers allocated to Church Stretton are directly influenced by

Shropshire Council deliberately choosing to pursue ‘high growth’ aspirations – ie aiming to build more housing than is needed in Shropshire.


There are approximately 138,000 households in the Shropshire Council area at present. The Council’s own published assessment of actual housing need (using the Government’s recommended Standard Methodology) indicates a housing need of an additional 25,894 dwellings over the Plan period 2016 to 2038.


However, the Draft Local Plan aims to deliver 30,800 dwellings over the same period – nearly 5,000 more. 1,500 of these additional 5,000 homes will be built in Shropshire because our neighbouring ‘Black Country’ Local Authorities believe they cannot meet their own housing numbers. Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, has boasted that no homes in the Black Country will be built on greenfield sites – but these homes will be ‘exported’ to the Shropshire countryside.


ONS (Office for National Statistics) data covering the period 2018-2038 indicates that most of Shropshire’s population growth will be driven by the 60+ age group. If it is this group that buy new ‘open market’ homes in Church Stretton, then Shropshire Council’s house building targets will only exacerbate our current demographic challenges.