Context to Suggested Objection 3 

Shropshire Council's Site Assessments: Church Stretton Place Plan Area (November 2018)  is the document that deliberately screened out and excluded any small (mostly brownfield) site of less than 0.5ha from the site process.


As a guide, we estimate that sites of around 0.5ha could accommodate 10-15 homes, depending on type.


The sites screened out of the process as too small were more likely to be closer to the town centre (some ‘brownfield’) and more likely to meet the aspirations of young, local, families and older residents looking to ‘downsize’ than Snatchfield.


One of the arguments used by Shropshire Council and our County Councillors is that smaller sites are uneconomical for developers to pursue. This view does not stand up to scrutiny. There is a current Planning Application covering two of the smaller sites (Burway Car Sales and Crown Carpets) which were screened out of the site assessment process. This combined development will produce 14 new homes, including 2 affordable homes and an affordable homes financial contribution. Part of the Antiques Centre now has Planning Permission – 5 homes, but no affordable homes.

The community view, as expressed in the recent report (2020) on the 'Household Survey' conducted on behalf of the Community Led Plan Group, and in which 875 Households in The Strettons participated, clearly indicated the overwhelming desire to "protect the landscape of the hills on both side of the valley" and to  “preserve the character and appearance of the town (and) preserving the trees and green spaces. Clearly using smaller sites would realise the community's wishes.