Context to Suggested Objection 4 

DP1 – Residential Mix

This Policy mandates that residential development will be expected to provide a mix of dwelling sizes, types and tenures in order to meet the identified needs of local communities.

On sites of 50 or more dwellings an appropriate range of specialist housing is required. For example – retirement living, sheltered housing, extra care housing, housing to meet the needs of those with disabilities and special needs.

These are entirely sensible aims, ones that Church Stretton residents would support – but Snatchfield is the wrong site to achieve them. It is a proposed deve hools.

Indeed the recent (2020) Housing Needs Survey conducted by our Town Council indicated that the single greatest requirement for housing was not actually affordable housing (5%), but people needing a smaller adapted homes (8%)

DP3 – Affordable Housing Provision

This policy mandates that, in developments of 5 or more, 20% of new homes are affordable homes. However, the policy allows developers to argue that their profits will be adversely affected by providing affordable homes. As such, it is likely that developers will make a cases to either provide fewer affordable homes or a financial contribution in lieu of on-site provision.

Due to the topography of the Snatchfield site, drainage issues, required highways and footpath mitigations, buffering of mature woodland, green infrastructure provision, net biodiversity gain etc, the Save Snatchfield Group believe that Snatchfield will be a very expensive site to develop.

As such, developers are almost certain to pursue ‘economic viability’ and ‘exceptional circumstances’ arguments. Church Stretton is highly unlikely to get 20% (14) affordable homes from the proposed Snatchfield development.