Context to Suggested Objection 6 

DP13 – The Natural Environment 

This Policy outlines that all development must deliver at least a 10% net gain for biodiversity in accordance with the Environment Act. However, it is plain that development at Snatchfield (whatever the attempted mitigations) can only destroy, rather than enhance, existing high levels of biodiversity.

Snatchfield is a haven for wildlife – badgers, bats (at least 5 species), nesting birds, butterflies. The mix of mature and younger trees (ash, oak, hazel, cherry, alder, elder, rowan) and brambles provide a suitable habitat for hazel dormice.

The lowest part of the site is considered priority habitat (rush pasture) and supports vascular plants and multiple invertebrates.

DP18 – Landscape and Visual Amenity

The relevant parts of this Policy state –

• Development proposals should respect, safeguard, and wherever possible, restore or enhance landscape character and visual amenity in Shropshire.

• Significant adverse landscape and visual effects will be a material consideration in determining planning applications.

Given the stunning landscape that Snatchfield significantly contributes to, the Save Snatchfield Group cannot see how major development can possibly safeguard or enhance Landscape and Visual Amenity.