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How to Make Your Objection 

(Please read the paragraphs below before visiting the Objections - Main Page and the Step-by-Step Guide)


To object to Snatchfield’s (CST021) inclusion in the Local Plan, you will need to complete TWO FORMS.

  •  Part A simply asks for some basic personal details – Name, Address, Contact Details etc

       CLICK HERE to access and complete this form

  • Part B gives you the opportunity to detail your objections to Snatchfield (CST021). You can make as many different objections on this form as you wish

       CLICK HERE to access and complete this form

As long as you are ONLY objecting to Snatchfield (CST021) you only need to complete ONE Part A Form and ONE Part B Form. On the Part B Form, you can include as many different objection reasons and as much detail as you wish.

When you have completed and saved both Part A and Part B forms email them (as attachments) to Planningpolicy@Shropshire.gov.uk  (Please remember to include your last name in the SUBJECT field of the email i.e. "Draft Local Plan Consultation:  BLOGGS"  or  "Draft Local Plan Consultation WILLIAMS" etc.

To make your objection most effective, please remember :–

  • Use your own words

  • Provide as much additional detail as you are aware of (guided, if needed by the info on our website, especially on the Objections  - Main Page)


  • When using any objection that is clearly linked to Shropshire Council's Policies or other important documents please include reference to these policies/document  (eg DP 1 or Climate Change Policy etc).-These references will be highlighted in GREEN

  • Personal experiences are also very powerful – make sure you include your own. If you have been put in danger on Clive Avenue, or value the wildlife and scenic beauty of Snatchfield, or use the Jack Mytton Way (including as part of 'Walking for Health'), or fear that the tranquillity of the area will be badly affected etc.- say so!

  • Our list is not exhaustive – where we have not covered areas you think relevant, include them in your own objection submission


  • You may wish to mention the strength of public opinion against development of Snatchfield and on the hillsides that was expressed in the previous Regulation 18 Consultation and in the Church Stretton Household Survey

  • You may wish to mention Snatchfield as an historic landscape (see Dr G R Dormor's Historic Landscape Appraisal  CLICK HERE)   

  • You may wish to mention the various wildlife that you have encountered on the site 

  • Everyone in your household should object separately – numbers count !

  • And encourage others to put in their own objection by circulating links to our website.

The Shropshire Council advice on the Part B Form is confusing. Don’t be put off by it. We have checked with Shropshire Council Planning Policy – if you ONLY want to object to Snatchfield (CST021), ONE Part B Form can cover your MULTIPLE objection reasons.

CLICK HERE for a step by step guide to completing your objection forms 

CLICK HERE to visit the Save Snatchfield Objections - Main Page