Out of Their Own Mouths!

As part of the ‘Evidence Base’ for their Local Plan Review, Shropshire Council carried out an assessment of numerous ‘parcels’ of land in Church Stretton. Snatchfield was assessed for its landscape and visual sensitivity. Shropshire Council's own document clearly articulates the high value and visually sensitive nature of Snatchfield’s landscape, and that its views should be protected.

All quotes below are taken from Shropshire Council’s own ‘Evidence Base’ document 'Shropshire Landscape & Visual Sensitivity Assessment - CHURCH STRETTON' to support the Local Plan Review. In respect of the Snatchfield and the 'parcel' of land adjacent to Snatchfield the document states:


‘this is a high value landscape’

‘positive character with woodland scarps being expressive of the special qualities of the AONB’

‘the landscape has a distinctive landform’

‘the landscape makes an important contribution to the enjoyment of the area’

‘the character is typical of a rural pastoral landscape and is mostly undeveloped ‘

‘hosts a strong sense of tranquillity upon the prominent distinctive hill sides which are vulnerable to loss or erosion due to visual or noise distribution from new development’

‘this landscape is wholly within the Shropshire Hills AONB and the distinctive landform awards visual value across the extent of the valley ‘

To view the whole document click here.  (The sections relating to Snatchfield are on Pages 8-9 and Pages 16-17)




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