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Local Plan Review – Preferred Sites Consultation

Snatchfield Farm, Snatchers Lane, Church Stretton (CST021)



To whom it may concern


As a resident of Church Stretton, I am shocked and deeply concerned about the move to once again consider Snatchfield as a preferred site for housing development.


I strongly object to any development of Snatchfield. Church Stretton is a small town and walkers are encouraged to visit and stay here. In addition, HF Holidays brings a steady stream of walkers to the town, many arriving by train (Church Stretton station signage states “Walkers are welcome”. Along with other READ MORE.......

RE: CSTO 21 Snatchfield Farm 4.29 Ha; Approximate capacity 70 dwellings

The following observations are made in relation to the proposed development of additional housing at Snatchfield Farm.

(1) Access to the Proposed Site

Problems of access goes well beyond the question of immediate access to the development via Chelmick Drive and the demolition of one bungalow.

Clive Ave is currently a danger bottleneck: the carriageway for much of its length fluctuates between 4.5 and 4.7 metres and there is NO pavement or pedestrian walkway. The road can READ MORE.......