Shropshire Council takes step back in Local Plan preparation

Cautious welcome to the news that Shropshire Council has turned back the clock in order to allow a fresh look at sites and policies.

The Council’s Cabinet meeting, held on Monday (20th July 2020), had been expected to “rubber stamp” the draft Local Plan and proceed to the formal stage of public stage of consultation known as Regulation 19. But deep into the meeting Clr Robert Macey pulled a rabbit out of the hat by announcing that the Local Plan would revisit the informal Regulation 18 stage of consultation where views are once again sought on allocated sites and policies.


Cllr Macey said that it was necessary to go back in acknowledgement of the strength of feeling surrounding a number of sites and also to properly consult on sites that had appeared in the Plan since the earlier consultation.


In effect, Shropshire Council have turned back the clock to late 2018 and have also opened the opportunity to influence change once again,


There are a lot of issues that we will need clarity regarding this unexpected move and we will be making contact with both our Local Councillors (Lee Chapman and David Evans) and the Planning Team at Shropshire Council to fully understand the implications.


To be clear: the Snatchfield site is still in the Plan and the threat to the AONB landscape still exists. But we should cautiously welcome the opportunity to re-appraise site allocations and policies and this fresh opportunity to suggest changes and different approaches.


We will add more about this on the website as we get more details.