Step-by-Step Guide

  • First complete and save the Part A Form (the easy bit!)

  • Q1 – Tick the First Box – Regulation 18: Pre-Submission Draft of the Shropshire Local Plan

  • Q2 – Put Land at Snatchfield Farm, Church Stretton CST021 in the SITE Box

  • Q3 – Don’t forget to Tick DISAGREE !

  • Q4 – Your Objections to Snatchfield’s (CST021) inclusion in the Local Plan.This is where you write your objections. (You might want to write this out separately and then cut-and-paste). You can write up to about 700 words in this box. See our Main Objections Page for a summary of possible themes and objections.

  • Don't forget to 'Save' your Part B Form somewhere on your computer​!

  • Send the completed  Part A and Part B Forms to Shropshire Council: You can submit by either e mail or post. The forms need to be returned to Shropshire Council: ​

    • by email to (Please remember to include your last name in the SUBJECT field of the email i.e. "Draft Local Plan Consultation:  BLOGGS"  or  "Draft Local Plan Consultation WILLIAMS" etc.

  • Or if submitting by mail send to:

    • Shropshire Council, Planning Policy & Strategy Team, Shirehall, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 6ND

  • The closing date for submitting objections is 5pm on Wed 30 September.

  • As you may recall, many voices were ignored by Shropshire Council at the previous regulation 18 consultation. This time we are keen to ‘track’ the level of opposition that will be submitted to Shropshire Council to make sure that all our voices are properly recorded. So it would be really helpful to us if you would either:

    • copy us into your objection email submission to the Council (by cc to

    • or, if you prefer, send us an email (same address) to let us know that you have lodged an objections

  • Lastly, you may wish to also send your completed Part B Form to our County Councillors, Lee Chapman and David Evans. While this is not part of the formal process, it can’t do any harm for our elected representatives to know (if they don’t already) the strength of feeling that the appalling Snatchfield proposals have generated. Contact details for Mr Chapman and Mr Evans are below.

The Save Snatchfield Team