“Totally Unsuitable”

Church Stretton Town Council oppose Snatchfield’s inclusion in Local Plan. To read their excellent analysis and repudiation of Shropshire Council’s claims about the site -Click Here

Key Statement about Snatchfield from the Town Council response:


“It is an unspoilt area of open countryside that lies in the setting of the heritage asset, Ragleth Hill”


“Development within this environment would appear as a distinctly noticeable new component in the landscape and result in a readily perceived detrimental change to the existing setting”


“The Snatchfield Farm site is particularly visible from surrounding viewpoints such as Hazler Hill, Gough’s Coppice, Caer Caradoc and Burway Hill”


“The historic importance of the site also needs to be considered”


“The site also forms part of a wildlife corridor which contains a diversity of wildlife”


“This major development in the AONB would therefore not be in the public interest as the three tests [required by the National Planning Policy Framework] have not been met”