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Since the Church Stretton consultation event on 16th January, a Traffic Survey Group has been formed and have now carried out 2 traffic/safety observation events on the access route to proposed Snatchfield Meadow development. These surveys were undertaken on Monday 28 January and Saturday 2 February 2019 (7am to 7pm on both days).

Observations were made from the Junction of Watling Street South and Clive Avenue. From this point it was possible to not only capture all traffic and events at this junction but also observe traffic which continued through the steep, narrow, twisting, sections of Clive Avenue.

These sections of Clive Avenue have no pavements or possible pedestrian refuge areas and are commonly referred to as the Clive Avenue ‘pinch points’. Any traffic making its way to, or coming from, Chelmick Drive (the proposed entry point to the Snatchfield site) has no option but to use the Watling Street South/Clive Avenue Junction and the Clive Avenue ‘pinch points’.

The initial intention in forming a Traffic Survey Group was to submit information into the consultation process ending on 8th February 2019 and, as such, it supplied high level data and safety observations as part of this submission. However, those undertaking the observations were so worried by the findings to date, and so concerned by the number of recorded ‘near misses’ (both vehicle/vehicle and vehicle/pedestrian) that it is now intended to carry on the survey work and undertake further research and capture further qualitative data.

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Click here to see the survey results.

This document contains the vehicle and pedestrian movements captured during the survey.


Given the complexity of the Watling St South and Clive Avenue Junction (cars parked on both sides of Crossways and Watling St South and a further Junction with Bridleways within yards) and the safety issues inherent in the Clive Avenue ‘pinch points’, these are significant movement volumes.

By doing surveys in January and February, the numbers of pedestrians are likely to be significantly understated. Walker numbers going to/from Church Stretton on the Jack Mytton Way or Shropshire Way will be significantly greater in the Summer months. The routes of both the Jack Mytton Way and the Shropshire Way use the Junction of Watling Street South and Clive Avenue and the Shropshire Way route continues through the Clive Avenue ‘pinch points’.

In addition, the surveys were unable to monitor/count pedestrians who turned off Clive Avenue, before the lower ‘pinch points’, onto the very narrow, steep, unlit public footpath, known locally as the ‘coffin path’.

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